Masterplan Amsterdam Airport

Development Schiphol Trade Park: Ellipse Park, Hoofddorp

The "Ellipse Park" at Schiphol Trade Park is located at the north side of the Integral Development Plan A4 zone west (IOP) and is bounded by a green strip the Geniedijk on the north-east side, the railway on the north-west side and the newly to be constructed Airborne Avenue on the south side. The location is characterized by a good accessibility by public transport (bus and train) and by car, to and from Schiphol.

The development of the project is divided in two phases:

Phase one consists of the development of the first two towers: the Intercityhotel Hoofddorp, an elegant four-star hotel with 280 room, as well as a 11 story car parking building.

Phase two will consist of constructing the remaining three towers and base that will be developed into multi-use spaces.